Project Year
2018 - 2023
Project Name
Blue Horizon 2
DEDDE - Balamand

Blue Horizon 2


Block A

Open Underground 164m2 with garden 23m2 (Sold)

Ground Floor 166m2 + Garden 45m2 (Sold)

Open Underground 200m2 with garden 90m2 (Sold)

Typical Floor 200m2 (Available)

Ground Floor 200m2 + Garden 44m2 (Sold)

175m2 + Roof 80m2 (Sold)

Block B

Duplex 265m2 + Garden 84m2 (Sold)

Duplex 265m2 + Roof 100m2 (Sold)

Open Underground 175m2 with garden 80m2 (Sold)

Ground Floor 175m2 + Garden 50m2 (Sold)

175m2 + Roof 90m2 (Sold)